Luke Channings

is a Freelance Developer based in London


  • Verging on 10 years of professional experience creating all sorts of things for the web;
  • A deep understanding of the Frontend toolchain — I've built component libraries, codemods, and more custom Webpack configurations than I care to count.
  • I keep up-to-date on new and upcoming web platform features, have a knowledge of browser support, and I do progressive enhancement by default.
  • I'm aware that not everyone uses the web the same way, and I care about keeping the web accessible for everyone.
  • I can even write maintainable CSS without a preprocessor!


I am looking for permanent roles to start in mid-April, 2024

Work History

CAIS (February 2022 - present)

Job Title: UI Engineer Tech: React, GraphQL, Nx, Recoil, Storybook

CAIS is a US-based FinTech company.

Mosaic Smart Data (October 2019 - January 2022)

Job Title: UI Engineer Tech: React, Redux, TypeScript, Protocol Buffers, Highcharts, AG-Grid, D3, Storybook

Mosaic is a small FinTech start-up building data insights and visualisations that large banks can't.

HSBC (November 2017 - October 2019)

Job Title: JavaScript developer Tech: React, Jest, Node.js, Splunk, Storybook

During my time contracting for HSBC I worked on three major projects:

  • Defining the architecture and direction for a component library to be adopted throughout Originations and later all of HSBC. This involved communicating Atomic Design as a concept, and pushing npm-published and semver-versioned builds.
  • Credit Cards UK New To Bank and Existing To Bank product, where I worked on BAU features, and also optimisation and reducing technical debt.
  • Globalisation project - Many of the projects within Originations boil down to forms that users need to fill in, I architected a frontend solution that abstracts these forms into JSON Schema contracts to colocate the validation rules (key business logic) and the form output structure. This React component will output a form (using the component library I started with) based on the JSON Schema, with little coding required other than authoring the JSON Schema. This allowed the monotonous work of building forms to be greatly simplified, freeing up developers to focus on more interesting projects.

Amaze (August 2016 - October 2017)

Job Title: Technical Architect Tech: Node.js, vanilla JS, mocha, chai and jsdom, Docker, RancherOS, ELK, Tridion CMS, Couchbase, haproxy, Varnish

I was attracted back to Amaze to work on the Emirates project. I worked as a Technical Architect, which ended up being 50% TA and 50% Tech Lead - I had a small team of 2 people to build out a frontend.

This was a very challenging project and I was heavily involved in the full stack. We built a micro services architecture with the intention of allowing each service to scale with demand - the Emirates homepage gets millions of visits a day.

I designed component-based frontend solution using vanilla JS for the frontend to fit Emirates' bespoke requirements. Accessibility was an important aspect of this project, as airlines are legally required to support WCAG AAA standard.

AKQA (September 2015 - July 2016)

Job Title: Senior Developer Tech: React, AVA, React.NET (embedded V8 in C# for SSR), SiteCore CMS

At AKQA I worked primarily on a car configurator for Volvo. When I joined the team the project was a hybrid Backbone / React app (+jQuery), I convinced people on the team that flux architecture using Redux & React would be easier to maintain, with a smaller bundle size and better performance.

This was a dynamic web application allowing the user to configure their car's trim level.

Amaze (August 2013 - October 2015)

Job Title: Started as a Junior Developer, when I left my title was Senior Developer Tech: Vanilla JS, jQuery, Backbone, XML, XSLT, HTML Canvas

Amaze is an agency that I started at Amaze working for in 2013, this was my first job. I worked on the Lexus Europe website where I worked on a number of features, including an interactive 360 degree view of various Lexus models.

I was involved in various projects over the three years, working on projects for the Co-Op and Pizza Hut.

My final project (2014 - 2015) was a rewrite of the Lexus frontend that allowed pages to be dynamically configured using the Tridion CMS, the frontend architecture was based on components that were nestable and configurable. Internationalisation is at the core of the design for this website, as it needs to support 48 languages, one of which was right to left.




What else do I do?

  • I am deep into home automation, using MQTT, Zigbee, Home Assistant, and Alexa. IoT and Home Automation are two things that are very hard to do without big security risks, and I spend some of my free time designing a home automation system that works offline and doesn't need cloud services.
  • I like to spend the weekends going on day-long hikes in the country. Walking has always been a great way to clear my head and get some exercise!