Luke Channings

is a Freelance Programmer in London


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I have extensive experience working on large JavaScript projects, from front-end architecture to weighing in on DevOps. I have a wide range of skills but like to focus on JavaScript development and architecture (on the front-end and back-end) at much as possible.

For my last major front-end project I worked with React, which involved helping to design a front-end architecture that was server-rendered (ReactJS.NET), and used Redux for useful features such as serialisable and immutable application state, which makes time travel debugging possible, as well as allowing the capture of application state exactly in an error case.

For my last end-to-end project, I was involved in many aspects of development (including front-end architecture), and also contributed to some micro-service development, built on Node and built, tested, and deployed within Docker containers. Container orchestration with Rancher Server, using AWS to host and run the infrastructure.

I prefer pure JavaScript whenever possible, and preferably the latest flavour. I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the JavaScript community, and I'm usually aware of new language features, tooling, and frameworks (and if I'm not, I catch on quickly). I've also spent a lot of time with 'NIX systems, and am a lot more at home on macOS or Linux than Windows, so I fit right in writing shell scripts or configuring a Linux server.

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I am available for new contracts beginning October 2019!


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